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Nature Study through the Seasons

by W. S. Furneaux, Dallas Lore Sharp, and Richard Headstrom

A fine collection of books that will inspire you and your children to take to the out of doors in all seasons and equip you with specific suggestions of what to be on the watch for during every month of the year. There are two types of books in this collection. The first, A Nature Study Guide, is ideally suited for grounding teachers in effective methods of nature study, and suggesting activities to undertake in each season. Selecting one or more of the other titles to read together as a family in step with the seasons over the course of a full year will add a new dimension to your family’s reading life. Whether you choose the Countryside Rambles of a British naturalist or the New England adventures recounted in The Living Year or Dallas Lore Sharp’s series of seasonal books, you will come away with ideas for nature study that you can adapt to your own locale, wherever that happens to be.

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Titles Included

Cover of furneaux_guide   

A Nature Study Guide by W. S. Furneaux

An indispensable guide for teachers in the method of nature study that will inform their efforts to bring children in direct contact with things, to cultivate the habit of careful observation and discrimination, to create a living interest in the surroundings, and to encourage independent thought. Includes a full explanation of the benefits of nature study, the way to conduct nature lessons indoors and a full range of seasonal studies outside, as well as the preparation and management of valuable aids to the study of nature, such as the aquarium, the terrarium, the garden, and museum. Strongly recommended as a companion to The Handbook of Nature Study.  For Adults
Cover of furneaux_rambles   

Countryside Rambles by W. S. Furneaux

A guidebook to the four seasons, calling attention to many of the more striking objects and phenomena which reveal themselves to the country rambler. The awakening of nature dominates the discussion in Spring. In Summer the focus shifts to the various habitats—woods, hedgerows, wastes, streams, heaths, bogs, marshes, fields, and meadows—and what can be found there. Fruits and seeds and preparation for winter are the main topics in Autumn. The condition of plants, animals, and trees in Winter round out the year. The 171 illustrations depicted in 46 Plates at the beginning of the original book are separated in this edition and inserted as individual illustrations where they are referenced in the text. Ages 12‑18
Cover of sharp_spring   

The Spring of the Year by Dallas Lore Sharp

The excitement of the author is palpable as he recounts his observation of one sign of spring after another. Readers are likely to be infected with his enthusiasm and take on some of the activities suggested in the Things To See, Things To Hear, and Things To Do chapters that are interspersed between accounts of wondrous happenings in spring in the great out of doors. Special emphasis is placed on the rewards to be gained by selecting and coming to know one particular place intimately. Ages 10‑15
Cover of sharp_summer   

Summer by Dallas Lore Sharp

While recounting highlights of one of his summer vacations, the author gives hints on how you can make the most of yours. Go with some purpose, he urges, to visit some particular spot, see some bird, find some flower, or catch some fish! If you are short on ideas, chapters on Things to See, Things to Do, and Things to Hear are chock-full of enticing suggestions of what to focus on during your tramps in fields and woods. A clarion call to venture outside in summer with all your senses alert, wherever you go. Ages 10‑15
Cover of sharp_fall   

The Fall of the Year by Dallas Lore Sharp

Stirring accounts of the author’s autumn adventures in the out of doors, interspersed with specific suggestions for tramps afield in the fall of the year providing things to look for and hear and do as the world turns toward winter. Includes six bits of sound advice about going afield at any season that are not to be missed! Ages 10‑15
Cover of sharp_winter   

Winter by Dallas Lore Sharp

At the first snowfall the author urges the reader to head out of doors in search of tracks and the stories they tell. He continues to point out the sounds and sights, the things to do, the places to visit, the how and why, that children may catch the spirit of the season, come to know the wild life of winter, and through that knowledge come to love winter for its own sake. Ages 10‑15
Cover of headstrom_living   

The Living Year by Richard Headstrom

A month by month account of the pageant of nature that can be observed outside your door, all through the year from snowfall in January to hibernation in December. The highlights of each month are recounted, along with background information about the particular insects, birds, trees, flowers, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, or fish that are featured. Each chapter concludes with a list of natural events to watch for during that month. A great book to read slowly over the course of a year. Ages 12‑18

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