Until Yesterday's Classics began reprinting many of the best books that educated, enriched, and entertained earlier generations of children and students, these volumes were almost impossible to find on the used book market. What a delight to be able to sell the wonderful selections that I once could only recommend, and to hear the appreciation of today's readers who quickly fall under the spell of the rich language, vivid imagery, and delightful writing styles prevalent in these gems of earlier days. I am impressed with the diversity of topics and titles offered by Yesterday's Classics and I eagerly anticipate the titles added each year. — Jan Bloom

Our homeschooling family has always been captivated by the rich language of vintage literature and Yesterday's Classics has some of the most charming and educational child-friendly titles available. I'm beyond thrilled that we can now own the entire collection without needing to build a new bookshelf AND save thousands of dollars while we build our family library! — Jennifer Bogart

Thank you so very much, Lisa, for taking the time to solve this issue for me—it worked! I am thrilled to be able to put these wonderful books on our e-reader (your editions look GREAT!) Yours is one of my favorite websites and I thank you for all your hard work and dedication to providing these excellent books for the children. Thank you!   Sincerely, Michele B.


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