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Yesterday's Classics Ebook Treasury, Volume 2

Imagine Having 106 More Titles from Yesterday's Classics . . .

. . . that complement the offerings in Yesterday's Classics Ebook Treasury, Volume 1.

The emphasis on literature, in general, and fiction, in particular, in this second collection of ebooks, complements the emphasis on history in Treasury 1, giving you a well rounded collection of ebooks for family reading.

Contents include . . .

»   24 science and nature books, including science titles by Fabre and Holden and all 13 sections of the Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock.
»   36 works of fiction, with 16 for younger children and 20 for older readers, many illustrated in color by artists such as Arthur Rackham and N. C. Wyeth
»   23 books for the youngest students, including nursery tales illustrated by Frederick Richardson, the series of Everyday Classics readers illustrated by Maud and Miska Petersham, 12 titles in the Burgess Bedtime Story-Books series, and two more books by Maud Lindsay.
»   the first 6 volumes in the Fairy Tales Too Good To Miss series, one volume for each of the ages 5 to 10, each containing 36 stories specially chosen for that age level.

In comparison with free ebooks, the high quality formatting of Yesterday's Classics ebooks stands out. In each ebook you will find . . .

»   A clickable table of contents
»   Clean text, carefully proofread
»   Illustrations in color or black and white
  (if there were any in the book as originally published)

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